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With our exclusive FLIGHT MODE GIN editions, we take you on a tasteful journey to various destinations. Come on board and experience a piece of the travel feeling from home or wherever you are. 

Our editions are inspired and perfectly matched in taste to the respective destination you can't wait to see where the next journey will take you!
Our second taste journey goes to:

WelcomE to the Costa Tropical!

This exclusive, handcrafted, limited edition gin takes you on a relaxing journey to the Costa Tropical. The Costa Tropical stretches in southern Spain from the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada in Granada with the magnificent Alhambra to the Mediterranean. There are few places in the world where you can start the day on the ski slopes in the mountains and end it with a nightcap in a chiringuito [ʧiriŋˈgito; spanish for beach bar] can end the day by the sea. Due to the subtropical climate, plants grow in this unique European region produces delicious fruit almost all year round. Our gin captures exactly the casual beach feeling of this area with the wonderful interplay of the citrus notes of blood orange, bitter orange and mandarin. This is combined with the freshness of the mountains, which comes out finely in the finish with a hint of rosemary and spearmint.


»We develop each Flight Mode Gin Edition on the principle that you can enjoy our exclusive gin pure, on ice or with a tonic of your choice. Cheers!«

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Granada Edition

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»Salud y
un brindis
por la vida!«

Hand Crafted · Exclusive · Small Batch

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