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Flight Mode Gin Miami Edition
Miami Ticket
Miami Edition


With our exclusive FLIGHT MODE GIN editions, we take you on a tasteful journey to various destinations. Come on board and experience a piece of the travel feeling from home or wherever you are. 

Our editions are inspired and perfectly matched in taste to the respective destination you can't wait to see where the next journey will take you!
Our fourth taste journey goes to:


Welcome to Miami!

This exclusive, handmade gin takes you on a journey to the sunny climes of Florida.

The juicy sweetness of ripe bananas adds a delicious tropical nuance to the traditional juniper base. The taste of fresh mango and passion fruit adds a touch of sunshine.

To further enhance the Miami inspired taste experience, the delicate lychee notes lend this edition a wonderfully floral sweetness. The fruity taste of orange provides a refreshing kick in the finish. This is reminiscent of the abundance of citrus fruits in the Sunshine State of Florida and transports you to South Beach with every sip. Welcome to Miami!

»We develop each Flight Mode Gin Edition on the principle that you can enjoy our exclusive gin pure, on ice or with a tonic of your choice. Cheers!«

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Hand Crafted · Exclusive · Small Batch

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